Charlene Costanzo, author of The Twelve Gifts From The Garden, has a powerful message on what cancer cannot and will not take away from you.

“It cannot…Invade the soul…Conquer the spirit…Kill friendship…Destroy peace…Cripple love…Corrode faith…Silence courage…” ~ Anonymous

The “It” is cancer.

I saw this wall plaque in my oncologist’s office yesterday when I was there for a routine follow-up visit after treatment for breast cancer four years ago. (All is well.)

Reading the sign, I felt gratitude for the strengths that emerged both times I faced cancer. I also felt awe and appreciation that we can access these inner resources when we experience any dis-ease. And I felt eager to write to you about this.

Let’s be assured that even if we feel weakened by worry, within us there is enormous strength of spirit. We are connected to bottomless love and to the source of courage and compassion. Let’s hold hope and act kindly to ourselves and to one another. Using any one of our gifts draws all of them to us.

So nurture any one of your gifts. Notice beauty and goodness. Appreciate little things that uplift you. Let gratitude stir your joy and bring peace.

With faith, hope, love and prayers,

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