Treat Yourself Well

Becca Anderson (author of New Beginnings) presents us with six ways of rewarding ourselves after putting in a hard day’s work.

Woman sitting on the window and listen to music and text on the phone
Woman sitting on the window and listen to music and text on the phone

I don’t know about you, but I am already feeling burnt out. We’re over halfway done with 2021 and the end of the year is in sight, but I’m ready to hit the reset button for the New Year and get that goal-setting mindset kicking. How do we pull ourselves out of this? It’s simple: reward yourself. Think about how you have created little moments of happiness for others. Pre-pandemic that might have been helping a friend plant her garden or buying an extra coffee for your coworker, post-pandemic it’s probably sending loved ones cards in the mail or sending a kind text message to lift their spirits. All those little things can add up to big joy.

Now apply that same thinking to yourself. Try soaking your feet, giving yourself a manicure, treating yourself to your favorite take out, anything that brings you your own big joy. Make a commitment to pamper yourself a little along the way and it will help you reconnect with yourself which will in turn help you reconnect with your life as a whole and the people around you in a healthy and positive way. 

The first images that come to mind when you picture treating yourself are most likely face masks and bubble baths. While those are fantastic ways to give yourself some love, they are certainly not the only ways to find your joy. When it comes to treating yourself there is simply no wrong way to do it, you can go as big or small as you like. Here are a few ways to reward yourself for working so hard:

Over-the-top indulge! You’re worth it.

  1. Order yourself that gorgeous necklace you’ve been dreaming of
  2. Go to the fanciest spa in town and unwind
  3. Buy yourself that stunning dress you’ve had in your online shopping cart for weeks and wear it in your living room as you binge reruns of Bridgerton

Keep it simple- some of the best things in life are absolutely free.

  • Call your best friend and have a nice long chat (or cry)
  • Download a new album and sit and listen to the whole thing
  • Grab a blanket and a cup of coffee, sit on your back porch and just stare up into the sky

One important thing to remember when it comes to treating/pampering yourself is to know that you deserve it. You didn’t keep up your goal of walking two miles a day or finish that podcast you said you would? So what? Are you a human trying your hardest to be a good person? Then you absolutely deserve to give yourself a little love and attention. Don’t wait for a new year or a new month or even a new moment- Do. It. Now! We are all just trying to find our joy in life and figure out what our purpose is and sometimes we forget that we create our own joy and we are our own purpose.

You’re doing your best, go make yourself a cup of tea and take a deep breath.

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