Tree Magic: Money Attracting Wands

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of The Witch’s Guide to Ritual, has written a new blog post that details how to create a wand that will bring financial magic into your life.

Tree Magic: Money Attracting Wands

A wand is used for directing energy. It is best to make your own wand from found wood and instill it with your personal energy. You can go out into a nearby park or  the woods, a suitable branch that has fallen. Never cut a wand from a tree as that energy will be retained by the wand. Allow Mother Nature to find choose on for you; she is always rights.   You might find the perfect weathered wand on a beach as driftwood. Each tree has it distinctive properties:

  • Ash: Ash grows fast and its seedlings root everywhere, so it’s t persistent. Use ash for prosperity, transformation and self-improvement.
  • Birch:. Use a birch wand for healing spells, for calming situations, and for requesting a diplomatic solution or a good outcome for any business meeting.
  • Crab Apple: will provide bent and twisted, gnarled wands. Apple, as we know, is the tree of knowledge and wisdom and also represent plenty. Wonderful tools for guidance.
  • Rowan or Mountain Ash This is ‘portal tree’, therefore when you want to undertake a journey or a guided visualization, keep your Mountain Ash wand close by.
  • Oak:  and is also good for healing and protection. It makes a good, long-lasting wand for intensely focused work. If you choose to use only one wand, make it oak.

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