History Buff, Trivia, and Star Wars Gifts for Nerdy Dads

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Chris McKenney

The Nerdy Dad

Let’s be honest, nerdy dads are know-it-alls! Chances are they’ve seen it all, they’ve read it all, they know it all, and most likely they want to go to Mars now. These dads can spark whole conversations with just one bizarre history fact which is why our list provides great gifts for history buffs. They probably love STEM almost as much as they love you! This season, let’s geek him out with Mango’s space gifts for dads and nerdy dad gifts. Want to make sure he names his child something cooler than X Æ A-12? Get him The Origin of Names, Vol. II & II. Want to inspire your dad to pursue aerospace? Check out Not Necessarily Rocket Science. If they love Star Wars, get him Why We Love Star Wars, one of the best Star Wars gifts for dads.

Gifts for Dads Who Know Everything

If he’s a dad that likes to ask “how?” (Story Behind) or “why?”(The Origin of Names, Vol. I & Vol. II), spark his insightful passion with Answers to Questions. Give him a wide variety of weird facts to jump-start any conversation (The Flip Side of History), and throw in the famous words of one of his favorite historical figures from Any Last Words?. If these gifts for history buffs don’t satisfy his love for the past, take him on a trip to Saudi Arabia (Behind the Kingdom’s Veil) or cruise the seven seas(Why We Love Pirates).

The Story Behind by Emily Prokop cover
Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between by Patrick Foote cover
The Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between 2 by Patrick Foote cover
Any Last Words by Joseph Hayden cover
The Flip Side of History by Steve Silverman cover
Behind the Kingdoms Veil by Susanne Koelbl cover
Why We love Pirates by Rebecca Simon cover
Answers to Questions you've Never Asked by Joseph Pisenti cover

Gifts for Dads Who Want to Go to Space

Gift your geeky uncle with an exclusive space expedition to the moon (For All Humankind), where the technology is enough proof that Neil Armstrong wasn’t faking it (Future Rising). Another great space gift would be Not Necessarily Rocket Science which talks about documented space achievements or Future of Science is Female which would teach him about all of the remarkable women that are shaping the future of STEM .

For all Humankind by Tanya Harrison cover
Not Necessarily Rocket Science by Kellie Gerardi cover
Future Rising by Andrew Maynard cover
Future of Science is Female by Zara Stone cover

Gifts for Dads Who Have Seen Every Movie

As a nerdy dad gift, build a time machine together to visit the past (Back From the Future), or skip to the future (Films from the Future). As a unique space gift for dad, show him what makes his favorite space movie a cultural classic (Why We Love Star Wars). If he’s a black and white mystery film lover, make sure his magnifying glass is handy for sleuthing (Sherlock Holmes Stories,The Return of Sherlock Holmes.) Does your dad have a passion for women’s history in film? Get him Backwards & In Heels and The Female Gaze, which are both great gifts for history buffs.

The Book of Extraordinary New Sherlock Holmes Stories by Maxim Jakubowski cover 2
The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Maxim Jakubowski cover
Films from the Future by Andrew Maynard cover
Back from the Future by Brad Gilmore cover
Why We Love Star Wars by Ken Napzok cover
The Female Gaze by Alicia Malone cover
Backwards and in Heels by Alicia Malone cover

Gifts for Dads Who Have Read Every Book

If his book collection leaves you searching for something he hasn’t read, finding the perfect gift for your dad may seem impossible. Exchange grandpa’s newspaper with historical stories (Black Man on the Titanic, Monster) and larger than life mythologies (Greek Mythology ). Inspire him with the bravery of a survivor story (Across the Deep) or shock him with the tragedy of World War II romance (The Deep Enders). Though he may read and know everything, challenge his wits as a wine connoisseur (Booklovers’ Guide to Wine).

Booklovers Guide to Wine by Patrick Alexander cover
The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Maxim Jakubowski cover
Deep Enders by Dave Reardon cover
Monster by M. r. Arnold cover
Across the Deep by Lisa McGuinness cover
Black Man on the Titanic by Serge Bile cover
Greek Mythology Explained by Marios Christou cover

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