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You Are An Awesome Woman author Becca Anderson has written a new blog post on exciting new things to try to enhance your life, take a look!

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“Eat outdoors. Enjoy an entire dinner service in the backyard, or even on a small balcony. If you don’t have outdoor space, head for the park. Use real silverware and cloth napkins. Indulge!”


“Go for a walk in the rain.” CYNTHIA MACGREGOR

“Make your bedroom a sensuous place for refuge. Do your work somewhere else in the house, and decorate with your favorite colors and textures. It should be your own special luxurious hideaway.”


“Those who allow their day to pass by without practicing generosity and enjoying life’s pleasures are like a blacksmith’s bellows: they breathe but do not live.”


“When I thought I had seen it all, I went for a ride in a hot air balloon. The perspective renewed my sense of awe in the world around me!”


“Treat yourself to the sweet joy of dreaming of beautiful things, a fabulous job, a fulfilling relationship.”


“Every time I get a paycheck, I take a few dollars from it and set them aside for myself. That way, I have a small fund for when I see that perfect pair of pumps, without having to pump my credit card.”


“Live nutty. Just occasionally. Just once in a while and see what happens. It brightens up your day.”


“Whip up an easy batch of your own bath salts. Inexpensive Epsom salts from the pharmacy will do; for a real treat, mix them with sea salt. Toss them into a Ziploc bag and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Shake the baggie until the oil is distributed throughout, and then draw yourself a hot bath!”


“Give yourself a scalp massage the next time you wash your hair.”


“Paint a room in your house or apartment a color you love—fiery red, bright blue, or lavishing lavender—and enjoy the new ambiance.”


“Give yourself a break from cooking tonight; instead, have dinner delivered and enjoy your additional free time.”


“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”


You Are an Awesome Woman

Affirmations and Inspired Ideas for Self-Care, Success and a Truly Happy Life

Master the art of thinking happy: You know what they say about happiness—it’s an “inside job”—which is 100 percent true. Use the affirmations, quotes, and ideas in this book as a set of tools for your own self-development. They are for “inner work.” Much has to do with adjusting your attitude. Depending on the day, it might be a slight adjustment or a major overhaul, but the more you practice daily affirmations, the fewer adjustments you’ll need. One day you will realize you have mastered the art of “thinking happy” and are looking at the bright side of life, every day. Incorporating positive thoughts as a daily practice will build mental muscle and help you achieve the all-important optimistic way of thinking.

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