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What would it take for you to reclaim wonder during this time when there is so much trauma and devastation?  We are living in a fragmented world that often seems to be doing its best to make us strange to ourselves as well as to each other. But what if this time is our nation’s greatest transition to a new form? Is a flower strange to a seed? Is a fruit strange to a blossom?
What if Life is currently birthing its next step through you? The two of us have been wondering inside of this question as if it were a womb rather than a tomb. Wonder is an admission that you don’t know everything. Wonder is also connective tissue for the human mind. We invite you to wonder what wild beauty you have yet to unleash in this world?

Celebrating our interdependence,
Dawna & Andy


Living A Loved Life

Awakening Wisdom Through Stories of Inspiration, Challenge and Possibility (Thinking Positive Book, Ladies Birthday Gift, and Readers of I Will Not Die an Unlived Life)

An inspirational book that shines a light on how each person carries a possibility that the rest of us need. Instead of hugs, Dawna Markova’s midwife grandmother used to kiss the unique marks at the very end of her fingertips, calling them “promise prints.” She said that the moment each of us is born life makes a promise to the world that only we can fulfill. Nourished by this wisdom, Dawna grew to understand that discovering how you matter is what makes it possible for you to love your unique existence. Living A Loved Life is a particularly important book in these dark and fragmented times when so many of us have become convinced that they really can’t and don’t make a difference.

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