Video Replay: “Humility” with Stephen G. Post (recorded live 7/1/2020)

Check out this post with Stephen G. Post and his book God & Love on Route 80

Thank you to all who participated in our online webinar event with Stephen G., Post, PhD to discuss the topic of “Humility” on July 1st. It was a wonderful event!

The video replay is embedded below. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Topic: Humility: What it is, what it is not, and how we can cultivate it within us. What goes wrong when we don’t value it as a virtue within ourselves.
Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Stephen G. Post, PhD, spoke with us in this ASI-sponsored webinar event about the virtue of humility. Human beings, no matter how kind and compassionate, also tend to a self-inflation that can easily manipulate others and set aside appropriate boundaries.

Stephen was, for many years, a friend of the great Jean Vanier, Founder of L’Arche. Jean was a deeply spiritual man revered by many. But his legacy has been hurt because he was sexually intimate with several of the women volunteers or “assistants” in the L’Arche homes for people with cognitive disabilities. He was humble in many ways, but not humble enough. He used his power in the organization in a hurtful and manipulative way. He violated boundaries. He has passed away now but will no longer be remembered as a true saint, sadly. Ethics gave way to ego and sexual exploitation.

No human being is all that good. It is important that we learn from cases like Jean Vanier’s so that we don’t make the same mistakes again. We are only good when the Original Mind of Love radiates through us. We are not good in ourselves alone.

Stephen G. Post spearheads scientific studies and research on giving, selfless service, volunteering, and explores how giving to others is an expression of unlimited love.

Video Replay & MP3 Download

We look forward to joining you for our next live and interactive webinar event!

Download the MP3 version here (right-click and choose “save as type”)… or click on the link to open the audio player in a new browser window to listen.

God and Love on Route 80 by Stephen G. Post

god and love on route 80

The Hidden Mystery of Human Connectedness (

A book comes once every generation– it’s so revelatory and lucid that it reconnects us to our very souls. Stephen G. Post’s God and Love on Route 80 is such a book. Post, lead author of the bestselling When Good Things Happen to Good People, was the perfect child and A-student until he took off in the family car, compelled by a persistent vision, his “blue angel dream.” Crossing America on Route 80, his unlikely adventure culminates in a shocking encounter that sets the stage for the rest of his life, a path connected by synchronicities which Post perceived as guidance from God and proof of humanity’s fundamental oneness, Infinite Mind. Truly a story for the ages, God and Love on Route 80 touches on the essential meaning of life and the messages we may all miss unless we begin paying close attention.

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