We Have No Idea What it is to Be Homeless

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As the pandemic is widespread and scary for all the world, we do have safety measures and guidances set in place. The homeless population does not have the same information or access to assistance that we householders have. It is already a struggle for the homeless population to seek food, tents, cardboard boxes, clothing, restroom access, and cleaning up their bodies regularly. Let us add to that the mental and physical challenges many may face, as well as the common place of addictions rampant in the homeless world. Sometimes it is dangerous for the homeless folks, because they are involved in petty or not so petty crimes upon each other. Sometimes they fight on the streets of San Francisco. I have seen a lot in my 23 years living here. I truly feel we non-homeless dwellers have no idea what it is like to be homeless.

Since moving here in 1997, I have given money and food to the homeless. I donate to different missions around the Bay. What can we do to help? Sometmes a smile or a hello along with a smile can uplift someone in that situation. Asking how someone got to be in their predicament will help us to really listen and understand. Peope love to share their stories. Humans want to be heard. Most regular working class folks are only a few paychecks away from being homeless. After I was laid off from all 3 of my regular jobs, I held a prayerful place for the homeless in a new way deep inside of me.

Have you thought deeply about the homeless citizens in your world? What do you do to help the less fortunate? Have you even considered he homeless and the programs in place to help them? 

I want to hear from you. Compassion, empathy, and action go hand in hand, hand in heart.

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