We Think Therefore We Are by K.J. Landis

Happy Healthy You author K.J. Landis has written a new blog post on the power of thinking.

What we think over and over again becomes what we believe. Our thoughts become our beliefs, and then our whole being gets the message by aligning within that belief system. Then our actions support that belief system. Why do we seem shocked when we get results based upon that activity? We think it’s a miracle, but it is our own personal answer based upon a spark of new information or insight. Kind of like, “wash, rinse, repeat, wash, rinse, repeat.” Sooner or later we will believe the clothes (or hair) will be clean. Your intention may not be fat loss or a smaller clothes size. Your intention may be to gain energy, lose aches and pains, or sleep through the night. Whatever the goal, put your attention upon your intention.

I liken this process to self brainwashing, but in a good way, not in a sinister way. No matter what your previous practices may have been, with enough of a desire, discipline, and dedication towards your goals, you absolutely can:

  • lose those stubborn pounds of pain
  • learn how to cook the master french sauces
  • get into a great college or university
  • be an entrepreneur
  • learn a new skill, yes, at your age!
  • learn a new language
  • travel more
  • be present more for yourself
  • be present more for those who need you
  • stop the negative thoughts in your head
  • love everyone more
  • laugh more
  • live more fully in your own skin
  • ​be your superior self

May you continue to see your future and live in a way that honors who you are then.
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