West With the Night – A Setting Sun Spell

(Author of Moon Spell Magic) Cerridwen Greenleaf offers this spell to evoke calmness, clear energy, and clarity.

West With the Night –A Setting Sun Spell

To clear energy and prepare for a week of calm clarity, find your favorite white flower—iris, lily, rose, one that is truly beautiful to your eye. Monday’s setting sun is the time for this spell, immediately after the sun goes below the horizon. Anoint a white candle with clary sage oil and place on your altar. Take your single white blossom and add that to your altar in a bowl of freshly drawn water. Place sage leaves on a glass dish in front of the lit candle and speak aloud:

This fire is pure; this flower is holy, this water is clear.

These elements purify me.

I walk in light with nothing in my way.

My energy is pure, my spirit is holy, my being is clear.

White light burns bright in me and all the words I say.

So mote it be. And so it is.

Burn the sage in the fire of the candle and put it in the glass dish where it can turn into ash, smudging as it burns. Stand in front of your altar and breathe in slowly and deeply six times. On the last strongest exhalation, blow the candle out.

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