What Can I Expect My Bridesmaids to Do? #AskDes

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What Can I Expect My Bridesmaids to Do? #AskDes

It’s time to get your wedding questions answered! That’s right–it’s Wednesday and I’m here to tackle all your wedding q’s that you asked on social media via #AskDes.

This November has found me taking long walks with Asher through the brilliantly colored Seattle fall leaves. During these times, I enjoy his sweet spirit and marvel at how quickly he’s grown. Professionally, I’ve been having a great time creating partnerships with a variety of store that will be carrying my gowns. It’s important to me that my brides have a wonderful time trying on my dresses and these stores are absolutely beautiful, making them the perfect places to find “the one.” I can’t wait for my dresses to be part of your journey to discovering the gown that makes you feel gorgeous inside and out.

Now, onto the questions!

@lemonsandlemonadepunchh asks: What are some special ways I can ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding?

This is such a thoughtful question! There are many special ways you can ask your girls to stand by your side. I love the idea of putting together a special gift basket containing a mini bottle of champagne, a note, and a sweet, personalized gift, such as a delicate necklace with their initial (you can also fill it in with other items, like gourmet candy in pretty packaging or a fragrant candle). However, if you are on a more limited budget, you can purchase or even make a cute card that says “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” on the outside. Write a sweet message inside that expresses your appreciation for your bridesmaid’s friendship and end it by asking her to stand by your side on your wedding day. You can make it extra special by tying a big ribbon around the envelope and hand delivering it with her favorite Starbucks drink (you can even have the barista write ‘Bridesmaid’ on the cup!). Your friends will appreciate the heartfelt and thoughtful gesture and will be more than ready for those wedding favor assembly parties!

@t5na asks: What can I expect my bridesmaids to do?

When it comes to bridesmaids duty, the first thing is to figure out what you need your girls to do and then clearly communicate it to them ahead of time. Typically, bridesmaids assist with wedding related tasks like bridal gown shopping, helping you address envelopes and assemble favors, and shower/bachelorette party planning. They also shop with you for their bridesmaid dress and pay for the dress and any necessary alterations (while you can set out guidelines for accessories, style of shoes, and hairstyles for the actual day, bridesmaids are not responsible for purchasing these items. Stay flexible and let them use accessories that they already own or gift them their accessories as a bridesmaid present on the wedding day). When it comes down to it, your friendship is the most important thing so if a bridesmaid can’t afford the $500 dress or another one can’t take off time from work to go on the bachelorette weekend trip, be understanding and appreciate your girls for doing their best to give you an wonderful wedding day!

@happagirl145 asks: What do I do if a bridesmaid hates the dress I want her to wear? 

It can be hard to find a bridesmaid dress that all your bridesmaids love, especially if they have a range of figures and taste. Take your girls shopping so you can see what flatters them and what they like. A good compromise is to pick a color, fabric, and designer and let them each select their own dress. You can also opt for a convertible bridesmaid gown that lets your girls style their own necklines. At the end of the day, if they feel good in their dress, you’ll feel good about how confident they look as they head down the aisle.

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