What Can I Say Instead of “Sorry for Your Loss?”

Allen Klein (author of Embracing Life After Loss) encourages us to listen- instead of speak to- the grief stricken.

Author, “Embracing Life After Loss: A Gentle Guide for Growing Through Grief

There is nothing wrong with saying “sorry for your loss” to someone who is grieving, but more important than saying anything is to listen.

What is the grieving person saying? What needs are they expressing? Once you hear that, you can respond appropriately. If, for example:

·         They are expressing how lonely they are, you can let them know you can call them once a day or once a week, if they so desire.

·         If they mention how they don’t like eating alone, you can offer to take them out for a meal from time to time or on a regular basis.

·         If they say that they can’t go on without their loved one, you can encourage them that they can, maybe even remind them of some other difficult time in their life that they did successfully rise about their hardship.

Embracing Life After Loss by Allen Klein

Embracing Life After Loss

A Gentle Guide for Growing through Grief

Work through the depression of grief and loss with resilience: Losing a loved one is never easy. Allen Klein knows how it feels—just like you, he’s lost many loved ones in his life. Inspired by Klein’s experience with the loss of his wife, Embracing Life after Loss will help you to recover from grief and loss—just like Klein did.

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