Which Simpsons Character Are You Most Likely to Read Like?

The Simpsons Family: Are you a Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, or Maggie?

The Homer

Are you a natural entertainer? Are you caring, loyal, and even brave when it comes to the ones you love? Do you enjoy the simple things in life like having a Duff at Moe’s with your pals? You may have an ESFP personality like Homer Simpson.

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The Homer Simpson Reading List

The Marge

Do others consider you a kind person? Are you on the quiet side? Do you have a rich inner life? Are you observant and sensitive to the needs of others? You may have an ISFJ personality like Marge Simpson.

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The Marge Simpson Reading List

The Bart

Are you an action lover? Are you outgoing? Can you adapt to changes quickly? Do you find authorities irksome? Are you a problem solver that wants fast results? You may have an ESTP personality like Bart Simpson.

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The Bart Simpson Reading List

The Lisa

Do you follow the path of knowledge? Do you have high expectations for yourself and others? Are you more introverted? Do you strive for peace? You may have an INFJ personality like Lisa Simpson.

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The Lisa Simpson Reading List

The Maggie

Are you a problem solver? Are you fiercely autonomous? Are you curious about the world around you? Are you good with your hands? You may have an ISTP personality like Maggie Simpson.

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The Maggie Simpson Reading List