Why We Don’t Do the Things We Desperately Want to Do…

(Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters) Karen C. L. Anderson would like to help us shift our self-concept and calm that anxious nervous system of ours.

…like setting boundaries with our mothers.

…or telling that story on a public stage.

…or resting when we’re tired.

…or slowing down when we’re hurting.

…or giving ourselves the space to create on our own terms.
You don’t self-sabotage on purpose.

You don’t procrastinate because you’re lazy.
It’s not a weakness or character flaw.
You’re not silly or ridiculous.
It’s your nervous system trying to protect you from what it perceives as a threat.

The solution isn’t to force yourself.

This isn’t simply about changing your mindset or thinking positive.

It’s to work *with* your body and nervous system instead of against it.
Because we humans have a tendency to withhold growth and healing from ourselves in order to preserve our safety at the expense of our own wellbeing.In other words, you will not set healthy boundaries, tell that story, rest, slow down, or give yourself the time and space you need because it threatens a self concept that – when you were a helpless baby and young child – preserved your safety.

Part of the work I do with my clients is guiding them in shifting their self concept so they don’t overwhelm their nervous systems. Because this isn’t about making fast and massive change, it’s about small-but-powerful-and-meaningful incremental shifts.

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Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters

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