Yoga and Immunity

Melanie Salvatore-August (author of Yoga to Support immunity) joins the Spiritually Fit Yoga Podcast with Amelia Andaleon.

Episode Description

Welcome to Spiritually Fit Yoga!  Today’s episode is with Melanie “Mel” Salvatore-August, a mama of three boys, veteran yoga/meditation teacher and teacher trainer, Reiki Master and author of Fierce Kindness, Be a Positive Force For Change; Kitchen Yoga: Simple Home Practices to Transform Mind, Body & Life, and now in 2021 release Yoga to Support Immunity: A Mind Body Breathing Guide to Whole Health (Mango Publishing).

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, of Italian-American descent, her voice is warm, inclusive, practical, and filled with joy for life. With her early years as a classically trained actor, comedy/theatre writer-producer and as a teacher, she creates offerings that cultivate joy, personal growth, and freedom, elevating everyday challenges, humor, and spirit into one.

She is the founder of the Fierce Kindness Organization, and MELwell virtual studio. You can join Mel daily on the acclaimed YogaWorks-at-Home platform as well as her own MELwell studio.

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Yoga to Support immunity

Mind, Body, Breathing Guide to Whole Health

This motivational book outlines the ins and outs of why yoga promotes optimal health. With the threat of pandemics and the increasing rise of autoimmune disorders, Yoga to Support Immunity offers wholistic, self-care driven support for optimal health. A practical guide that easily can be integrated into everyday life, you’ll learn how the mind, body, and spirit integrate to build a healthy immune system.

Give yourself Immunity support from home. Taking control of your vitality and increasing immunity are simple things to do at home. Whether a newcomer to the practice of yoga or a long-time yogi, Salvatore-August encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle with practical exercises, daily guidance, and uplifting insights.

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