Your Magical Home: Calling All Angels

Moon Spell Magic author Cerridwen Greenleaf has written a guide on how to call on angelic assistance with a ritual that contains ground cloves, dried sage, and amber resin.

You can access your intuition and prophetic capabilities and also call for angelic assistance with this Wednesday ritual. You’ll need these ingredients: one celestite stone and one palmful each of ground cloves, dried sage, and amber resin.

With a mortar and pestle, mix the herbs together. Place the heavenly blue celestite in front of you and say aloud three times:

“Calling all angels!
Come and play.
Be with me now
And show me how
To make my way.”

Burn the herbs in your fireplace or in a dish while looking at the celestite and concentrating on a question, such as whether to take a new job or end a relationship. Use this time to cleanse your mind of all concerns, worries, and thoughts, making way for pure insight. Answers will come, and angels always give you a sign that they have visited. It can come in the form of an amazing coincidence, a song on the radio, or some other sweet surprise.

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