Your Magical Home: Cleaning Your Crystal Ball

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of The Magic of Crystals and Gems, has written a guide on how to properly clean your crystal ball, learn more here.

After the first thirty-three days of tuning in with your new crystal ball, you should give it a good cleaning, both physically and energetically; Thirty-three is a power number and is exactly the right amount of time to wait so that your crystal ball is permeated with your personal psychic energy. I recommend keeping it with you, in a pocket or, if it is smaller, even in a little pouch around your neck. The constant interaction with your body will get you and your crystal ball in sync.

To thoroughly cleanse the crystal, put in a bowl of sea salt for seven days. Treat your crystal ball as the precious thing it is. Keep it in a soft cloth; I prefer a dark blue silk bag. Never store your crystal ball in a synthetic material—it came from the earth and needs to stay connected to the earth’s grounding energy. 

If you are like me and have slightly sticky, well-lotioned hands, you simply need to wash the crystal in warm water after each use and then wipe it with a soft, natural-fiber cloth; all will be well. Regard your crystal ball with the highest respect, the highest regard, and the highest mind, and it will give you a lifetime of great service. Also, remain mindful that you are using it for the purposes of universal love and healing and these effects shall be so. 

The magic of crystals and gems

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