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Mystical Crystals author Cerridwen Greenleaf has written a new blog post on the power of gold and the purity and energy it can bring into your life, read Cerridwen’s post here!

Gold is beloved for its sheen and purity. Whether white or yellow, it is a fantastic energy conductor. Gold enhances any gem or stone and encourages the action of said stone with a dose of quickening energy. It is a symbol of wealth and personal power and accentuates any gem or crystal. Gold also accentuates you.

The softest and the strongest metal, gold never tarnishes and seems to stay beautiful and perfect through anything; it’s impermeable to weather and the effects of aging. This is an adaptable, mutable metal and maintains its unity in alloys.

Gold fascinates—no doubt about it. It is used in jewelry, in industry, and also in medicine. Because gold is a viable energy conductor, it has wonderful healing properties, and because it is impervious to harm, gold is a tremendous element of renewal and regeneration. It has been said to help with arthritis, blood and circulation problems, and mental and emotional issues.

Gold can give you courage and self-esteem. It can accentuate the positive in yourself and your regard of others. Wearing gold-nugget jewelry might even bring in a continuous flow of wealth!

In Mexico, gold is linked to religion and faith. Gold crucifixes and crosses are worn for protection and as a link to God, Christ, and Mary. In India, parents give their young children tiny gold amulets to guard against harm and illness.

Let this metal of kings and queens cast a golden glow over your life! 

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