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Mystical Crystals author Cerridwen Greenleaf has written a new blog post on the benefits of various jewels and stones.

• Agate worn as an amulet around your neck will ensure that you speak only your truth. It can also attract favors from powerful people!

• A black agate on a short chain or in a ring will ensure success in business and athletics.

• If you wear moss agate while gardening, you will have a healthy harvest.

• If you wear amazonite while gambling, you will have great luck.

• Amber will attract love into your life and increase sexual pleasure if you wear it during lovemaking.

• If a man wears an amethyst, the stone will draw a good woman to him.

• Apache tear in a pendant will protect a woman in her pregnancy.

• Frog-shaped jewelry is the ultimate traveler’s amulet; pilots, stewards, sailors, and anyone who frequently travels across water should wear aquamarine in frog-shaped jewelry for enhanced safety and protection from drowning.

• Wear bloodstone in court for victory in legal matters.

• Carnelian jewelry will keep you from being struck by lightning.

• Cat’s-eye worn as a ring will retain your youthful beauty and lift any depression.

• Ladies, coral earrings will attract men into your life. Pacific Islanders believe this “nature’s jewel” contains the very essence of life.

• A diamond with a six-sided cut will offer you great protection; set in platinum, it will ensure victory in any conflict.

• Jade carved into the shape of a butterfly will attract love into your life.

• Lapis lazuli beads strung on gold wire will offer health, growth, and protection.

• A diamond set in onyx will overcome sexual temptation and incite the loyalty of a partner.

• Opal earrings will awaken your psychic powers.

• A red pearl ring or pendant will heighten intelligence.

• A dark peridot ring will bring you more money and raise your spirits, allaying any melancholy.

• A geode as jewelry will attract love and help a woman avoid miscarriage.

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