Your Magical Home- Rainbow Renewal

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of the upcoming The Herbal Healing Handbook, has written a new blog post on how each color of stone can positively affect your body.

The rainbow is a simple and effective method for total- body wellness. Choose from this list of stones, making sure you have one of each color of the rainbow—violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red—plus one white stone and one black stone for completion. Then, simply lay the stones on their corresponding chakra centers; the rainbow should travel up your body. Red for your root chakra, orange for your sacral chakra, yellow for your solar plexus chakra, green for your heart chakra, blue for your throat chakra, indigo for your third eye chakra, and violet for your crown chakra. I’ve included a list of crystal and body affinities in case there is any specific area you want to focus on:

• Amber for the thyroid

• Benitoite for the pituitary

• Beryl for the eyes

• Bloodstone for the kidneys

• Blue tourmaline for the thymus

• Brown jasper for the shins and for the skin

• Calcite for the skeletal system 

• Carnelian for the liver

• Celestite for the intestines

• Chalcedony for the spleen

• Chrysocolla for the pancreas 

• Chrysolite for the appendix

• Chrysoprase for the prostate 

• Danburite for the muscles

• Dendrite agate for the nervous system 

• Dioptase for the lungs

• Fire agate for the stomach

• Fluorite for the teeth

• Garnet for the spine

• Hematite for the blood and circulatory system 

• Jadeite for the knees

• Lapis lazuli for the throat

• Magnetite for the joints

• Moldavite for the hands

• Moonstone for the womb area

• Orange calcite for the bladder

• Purple fluorite for the bone marrow 

• Rose quartz for the heart

• Smoky quartz for the feet

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