Your Magical Home: Rune Stones

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of The Witch’s Guide to Ritual, has written a blog post on the power that the rune stone hold and how it can bring perspective into your life.

Moonstone is reputed to be the most powerful crystal for use in rune stones, the tools used for a specialized form of divination. Runes, or letters from a language used by early Nordic peoples, are carved into the stones and are said to hone and intensify the intuition of the reader divining the future from them. You, too, can use a bag of lustrous and mysterious moonstones to get in touch with your powers of perception. While others throw the I Ching or read their horoscopes with their morning coffee, you can pull a rune and contemplate its meaning for your day.

The Witch’s guide to ritual

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Practice Sacred Living. Rituals are often performed to acknowledge special, sacred moments of life. When we align ourselves with the rhythms of the earth, we see that every day is sacred. Sacred living is the art of acknowledging the abundance of life and the deep meaning within natural rhythms. The Witch’s Guide to Ritual teaches the practice of daily rituals for self-care and personal growth.

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