Your Magical Home: Seven Sacred Stones Bracelet

Mystical Crystals author Cerridwen Greenleaf has written a new blog post on how creating charm bracelets can bring protection and energy to your life, take a look.

Take any silver chain-link bracelet and add “charm” to it! Bracelets act as protection jewelry, and, well, they look simply divine on our delicate wrists, do they not? Of late, the trend has been to layer bracelets, but with gem magic, there’s a danger that jeweled pieces worn together could cancel each other out because they have conflicting energies. So, I’m going to recommend that you wear this bracelet alone, without other magical wrist wear.

To make this piece, you’ll need seven stones on small pendent settings, a silver chain-link bracelet, seven jump rings, and pliers. Plain silver chain-link bracelets are easy to obtain at any jewelry department or store, from Target to Tiffany. Jump rings, which have an opening through which you can slide a pendant and then close up with small chain-nose pliers, are readily available at any craft or jewelry store.

Before you choose your seven stones, decide what energy enhancement you desire. If you want lots of energy and zest, choose red jasper or pink clamshell. If you want to be uplifted, try jade. To become wiser, pick sapphire. To stay safe while traveling, pick dendritic agate. To remain calm and overcome stress, choose blue lace agate. For more mental clarity, choose malachite. For a self- esteem boost, try rhodonite.

Once you have pursued all the gem and crystal descriptions in this book, you can and should experiment with all manner of combinations. But I highly recommend the Seven Sacred Stones Bracelet with the following very beneficial stones and energies:

Citrine for a better ability to communicate

Lace Agate for happiness with your job

Lapis Lazuli for mental brilliance

Moonstone for self-love and self-expression

Red coral for good health and physical strength

Rose Quartz or Opal to make you appealing to others

Turquoise for calmness and protection from the earth

Friends of mine have reported wonderful results with this banishing and boosting bracelet. Where else can you find jewelry that will make you feel good about yourself, protect you from harm, and help you to look even prettier? You have to make it! You can find these pendant-set stones in any jewelry or New Age store. The metaphysical stores have the best selection, however.

To begin, place the stones on your altar or in front of a candle for six days and six nights. Write on a piece of paper or parchment what you desire from each stone. While you light the candle each night, think about and meditate upon all the wonderful things you want in your life. On the seventh day, loop each pendant stone onto your bracelet with even spacing. Burn the parchment with the candle flame and then put your bracelet on and jingle it seven times. From now on, every time you hear the seven sacred stones jingle on your wrist, think about the qualities the stones are bringing you and you’ll refresh the crystal magic.

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