Your Magical Home – Soul Stones: Gemini

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of Mystical Crystals, has some insight that any Gemini out there will want to know about.

Soul Stones: Gemini

First Half: May 20–June 4

Moss agate, quartz with a plantlike pattern caused by metallic crystalline grains, is the power stone for first-half Geminis and represents the dualism of this sign of the twins. The ancients thought the dark-green markings inside the stone were fossilized moss. They used moss agate for water divining, so it was especially sacred to farmers. It is associated with the metal-rich planet Mercury and makes a great grounding stone for members of this air sign, who need to keep their feet on the ground.

The heart stone for early Geminis is staurolite, derived from the Greek word staurus, which translates to “cross.” Staurolite forms a natural crucifix because of the way the iron molecules in the stone line up. Bright red is one of the colors associated with Geminis, and staurolite most commonly appears in this vibrant color, causing it to be mistaken for garnet. This stone can help Geminis align with their true purpose, so they will benefit from keeping it at their bedsides or on their desks.

Second Half: June 5–June 20

Cat’s-eye, the lovely golden-yellow gem, is the special soul stone for late-born Geminis. The ancient Greeks, who called this crystal cymophane, meaning “waving light,” believed this stone guarded against danger to the soul and the body. The iridescent surface of the stone causes it to appear in different colors; the shade depends on the angle from which the cat’s-eye is being seen. This mutable stone reflects back to Geminis their changeable nature and helps them to acknowledge their quicksilver personalities and to grow from that deep recognition. Geminis, wear a cat’s-eye ring and see your soul reflected back at you.

Geodes, which usually come in two split halves, are the ideal heart stones for later-born Geminis, but they must have both halves to help integrate the two parts of their nature into a complete, whole person. Geodes are formed from old volcanic bubbles and are usually solid agate on the outside with a center of gorgeous amethyst, opal, or rock crystal. If you are a Gemini, I recommend keeping one of the geode halves at home on your altar, or in a special spot where you can see it every day, and the other half at your place of work, to reflect on and connect the two parts of your nature.

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