Your Magical Home- Soul Stones: Virgo

Calling all Virgos-check out this blog post by Cerridwen Greenleaf.

First Half: August 22–September 5

The power talisman for first-half Virgos is labradorite, a lovely iridescent stone that originated in Labrador. Like Geminis, Virgos are ruled by Mercury, and the quicksilver, peacock-hued labradorite is good for providing the mental swiftness Virgos need to accomplish all of their goals in life. This type of feldspar can reflect every color of the spectrum and help Virgos from becoming too task oriented—too focused on one thing. No one can work harder than Virgos, so labradorite can prevent exhaustion from overwork and can also ensure that early Virgos activate a variety of talents.

Magnetite, also known as lodestone, is the optimal heart stone for first-half Virgos. Another glittery, surface- changing rock, magnetite contains a lot of iron and, thanks to its common occurrence and adaptability, is popular in jewelry. Virgos are associated with health, medicine, and nursing, and magnetite has become a good healing stone because of its magnetic qualities. If you are a Virgo, wear this stone and give it to people you love for good health and prosperity.

Second Half: September 6–September 21

Virgos in this group celebrate iolite as their precious soul gem, which is associated with their ruling planet Mercury due to its crystalline composition of two dark and two light metallic elements. Iolite is named after the Greek word ios, meaning “violet.” Formed under enormous pressure in extremely high temperatures, iolite has high vibration. The stone can help Virgos stay out of career ruts and achieve their true spiritual natures.

The heart stone for second-half Virgos is obsidian, a glinting black and extremely hard natural glass formed by volcanic activity. Virgos are always helping other people and sometimes become vulnerable because of this. Using obsidian pieces as home decorations can help them keep all of their energy from going to others and causing imbalance. Some obsidian samples have stripes; in ancient Mexico, where obsidian was plentiful, the striped variety was believed to prevent negative, or dark, magic. Virgos can be extremely self-critical, and having obsidian nearby can absorb their negativity and help turn it positive. This is an essential stone for the September-born!

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