Your Magical Home- Space Clearing Crystals

Mystical Crystals author Cerridwen Greenleaf educates us on how specific gems and crystals have space-clearing and purification abilities.

To clear and purify your space and infuse it with as much of your personal energy as possible, perform a ritual sweeping with a favorite broom. I use a sweet-smelling cinnamon broom. These are actually made of pine straw coated with divine-smelling cinnamon oil and set aside to dry for three weeks. Many a grocery store sells them in the fall and holiday seasons. My favorites are the tiny Trader Joe’s whisk-brooms, which are adorable. These make lovely gifts and altar adornments. I ornament mine with cleansing crystals by taking a colored silk cord and stringing quartz beads on them or gluing them to the base of the handle. These gems and crystals are superb for space-clearing and purification:

• Amber for positivity and happiness

• Blue lace agate for serenity and a peaceful home

• Coral for well-being and good cheer

• Jet absorbs bad energy from your environment

• Onyx is a guardian stone and protector

• Petrified wood for tranquility and a sense of security

• Clear quartz is wonderful for peace of mind and space-clearing

• Tiger’s-eye protects from “psychic vampires,” energy- draining situations or people

• Turquoise creates calm and relaxation

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Magical Stones and Gems for Health, Wealth, and Happiness

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