Your Magical Home: The Star of our Solar System

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of Moon Spell Magic, has written a new blog post on the history of the sun and the energy and light it gives us.

We started our as sun-worshippers on this planet, and the Sun is the center of our planetary system, as Copernicus, my birthday mate (we were both born on February 19), pointed out long ago. Composed of hydrogen and helium, our fantastic and fiery Sun is actually a midsize and rather ordinary star in the whole scheme of things. An impressive 870,331 miles in diameter, the Sun is 300,000 times the size of Earth. Its gravitational pull affects all bodies within a range of nearly 400,000 miles, which is why Earth and all the other planets circles it so loyally. The temperature at the Sun’s core has been estimated at seventeen million degrees centigrade, and at its surface, 5,5000 degrees.

Astrologically, the Sun is linked with the sign Leo the Lion. Naturally, fire is the element of our Sun. Around old Sol, all the planets rotate, pulled by the gravitational force of the star. Each of the astrological signs and their corresponding stones has a planetary influence.

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