Your Magical Home: Tips ’n’ Tricks: Why Scry?

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of The Magic of Crystals and Gems, has written a guide on how to scrying crystals to use for intuition power, learn more here.

If you have ever experienced a problem in your life that no one else could help you with, a scrying mirror or crystal can offer counsel. Any time you feel the need for insight and answers, scrying can lend illumination. Are you stymied at work? Are you restless and don’t know why? Do you suspect someone isn’t being honest with you? Try scrying! Here are some scrying crystals to use for intuition power:

Amethyst opens your own psychic abilities

Azurite with malachite can help with studying and brainstorming ideas

Bloodstone guards you against anyone trying to deceive you.

Celestite gives you the very special help of angel-powered insight and advice.

Chrysocolla helps you to see and resolve relationship difficulties.

Lapis lazuli leads the way if you are looking for a new job.

Selenite can be used under moonlight for pleasant visions of your future.

The magic of crystals and gems

Unlocking the Supernatural Power of Stones (Healing Gemstones and Crystals)

Practice Practical Magic: Did you know that wearing an amulet of green jade on an interview will help get the job? Have you heard that an amethyst ring can help break bad habits and even encourage sobriety? Anyone looking for love can place two pink quartz crystals in the bedroom; you’ll not be alone for long! These are just a few of the hundreds of secrets shared in The Magic of Crystals and Gems. Semi-precious stones and gems have long been known for their magic as well as their beauty. In this book of charms, readers learn everything there is to know about the powers of crystals from birthstone magic to gem divination to jewelry spells. This is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening book that will appeal to everyone who’s ever worn a birthstone, kissed the ring of a lover for luck, or bought a crystal for good energy.

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