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Happy Healthy You author KJ Landis has written a new blog post on how to take control of your own story and how live your best life.

Dear Readers,
Over the years I have given you an arsenal to go into battle against the mainstream American diet, the media deception, and general misinformation. I have given you tools to face your past choices with dignity and clarity. You can change your life now. The next chapter in the story belongs to you. You have a natural birthright given to you from the universe when you came into the world. To be healthy, happy, vital, clear, vigorous, robust, and to meet challenges head on is your birthright. Take it and go forward on that path that is your personal journey toward vigorous health and wellness. See this learning process as a gateway to your next big thing: YOU.
Over the years I have shared with you my story of transformation and the burning desire I have to help spread the truth about our food choices. I hereby pass the baton to you. You are writing your own story and can help others with what you have learned, absorbed, and implemented.
The body and the mind changing for the better is not magic. Change is the response to your efforts applied repeatedly. Never say, “ I give up, I’m going backwards towards potato chips, donuts, and fried chicken.” Never say, “ I give up,” then stopping by the corner store for taquitos, nachos, hot dogs, and a slushie. By this point in your health and wellness journey you should feel sick to your stomach just visualizing all of those junk foods we usually see offered up at ridiculously low prices.
Over the years I used to be called a jack of all trades and master of none. I didn’t really have one particular passion or path that I loved. I loved doing so many things. If you are like me, in that sort of boat, I say be a master of what you don’t want in your life. Start there. To know what you will not accept anymore is a huge step in the path to superior health. One day at a time, one step at a time, we can do this together. Let me be your cheerleader. Allow your family circle and close friends know the journey you have chosen. 

This is your story. Be it.

​KJ Landis

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