Your Work from Home Life – Mj Fievre & Becca Anderson

You can now get yourself a copy of Your Work from Home Life by Mj Fievre & Becca Anderson at Target- hooray!!!

Boost your productivity and troubleshoot distractions from home with this insightful book. It provides readers with great tips for building a home-based working space and modern remote career.

Your Work from Home Life

Redefine, Reorganize and Reinvent Your Remote Work

The new world of working from home. No longer does the average worker have long, frustrating commutes to crowded offices for jobs more comfortably worked from home. In this day and age, not only are more employers offering remote work, more people are creating their own opportunities for non-traditional work from home. Whether you are a remote work employee, freelancer, or someone who dreams of giving up the daily grind for a career of your own design,  Your Work from Home Life  is the next step to becoming the ultimate work nomad.

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